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SawGuard Pro
It works

It is easy to install and easy to use - and a whole lot safer than wiring back the guard. Without the proper use of the guard it is only a matter of time of when there is an accident that takes flesh or bones.
SawGuard Pro
Best thing since sliced bread!!

This is the easiest product to install and use!! It truly is my 3rd Hand! What an idea!
SawGuard Pro
I have known about this for years, but priced at $35, I was not about to take a flyer. Walk into Ganahl's and there it is on sale for $20. At that price, we can experiment.

Should have bought it sooner. It works quite well. Give it 5 stars. Nice piece of safety equipment.

It will fit the Skill 77 or the Bosch with no problem. I have had it on both. The Bosch got it because the Skill 77 has no set screw bevel adjustment - and the Bosch does. Plus, it has direct connect - which is right handy when you cut your cord (done that once in all these years).

It lets you do the plunge cut/cross cut that the boys with the pinned-up guards can do. But you can do it safer and about as fast.

Align the nose of the saw table with the forward edge of the board. Easy to eyeball parallel. Raise the guard. Light up and plunge cut into the material, then forward. The plunge cut gets you started straight.

If you know what you are doing, you can omit the pencil line and cut by eye. It really improves your technique, cuts the fumbling with the guard - which means your fingers are not down there near the whirly bit.

Prior to that, I had a big decorative knob on the Skill's guard. Get the heel of the left hand under the knob and retract the guard while finding the handle with that hand. The knob was big enough to catch in that position. Try that with the issue lever. He still has it.

The Third Hand is on the Bosch.

Pinning guards is not a good practice. Nick showed me his scar - smack in the middle of his upper thigh. Lucky he didn't get the artery and bleed out or cut off something more sensitive. Buy the third hand and save the medical bills.
SawGuard Pro
Hey look no fines

The perfect product for those illegal pinned back guards. A little stiff to use startting out but you get comfortable
with it. The best part OSHA approved.
SawGuard Pro
If you weren't born with and extra hand, then your missing the boat if you don't have one of these 3rd hand guard retractor. Well done !
SawGuard Pro
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