Product Specs

SawGuard Pro is a rugged and highly durable tool, 
designed for use by commercial tradesmen in all conditions.

1The main body of the SawGuard Pro is made with Gorilla Proof Black Valox 357 PBT.

Black Valox 357 PBT:

UV Protected
Prevents bleaching and discoloration when exposed to the sun.

Impact Modified
Giving the tool extra strength
in case it is dropped.

Good Chemical Resistance
Prevents the plastic from corroding.

Excellent Weatherability
Usable in extreme
cold and hot weather.

Flame Retardant
Prevents burning if around flames.

2 Lift Mechanism is made of Celcon M90 Black UVA Resistant, Chemical Resistant.

3Lift arm is madeo f 5/16″ Aluminum that provides rust resistance and added strength to prevent bending.