Does SawGuard Pro fit any other saws?

 SawGuard Pro
Fits the following older commercial “worm drive” saws: Skilsaw 77®, Mag Skilsaw 77®, Bosch 1677®, and the Craftsman Model 2761. (Replaces Original 3rd Hand.357)
If your worm drive saw has 2 top bolts on the handle please purchase this model.

SawGuard Pro II
Fits the following new commercial “worm drive” saws: Skilsaw SHD 77®, Skilsaw Mag 77 LT®, Bosch CSW41®. If your worm drive has a side bolt on the handle please purchase this model.

Is SawGuard Pro durable?

Yes (see Product Specifications). And, it should last as long as your saw, with the same care given to your saw.

Is SawGuard Pro OSHA approved?

OSHA does not approve tools due to liability.  SawGuard Pro meets OSHA standards and has been reviewed by Cal-OSHA.

What is the Warranty for SawGuard Pro?

We offer a 30-day money-back limited warranty. If you are not satisfied, you can send it back for any reason. You are responsible for shipping and handling.

Does SawGuard Pro work for plunge cuts, miter and compound miter cuts?

Yes, it is a definite asset for starting the referenced cuts.

How difficult is SawGuard Pro to install?

Very easy: takes less than 5 minutes. Please see installation instructions.

What’s the added weight to my saw?

Less than 8 ounces (see Product Specifications).

Is the SawGuard Pro available in stores?


How come I didn’t think of this?