About Us

Jack Tracy has been a General Contractor for over 30 years and a successful Journeyman Carpenter (Framing and Finish) in his youth.

Jack is also the Founder and Managing Member of SJ2 Industries, LLC which holds the two patents for Jack’s invention, “SawGuard Pro” (previously Original 3rd Hand.357 SawGuard Safety Lift).

With Jack’s years of experience as a Framing Contractor and Carpenter, he recognized the need for a durable (Gorilla Proof) product that would assist lifting the lower guard for difficult cuts, while keeping both hands on the saw handles. Thus, SawGuard Pro (Original 3rd Hand) was invented and patented.

With the original product introduced in the Construction Market in early 2007, it was soon apparent that Jack’s unique product was a success and the talk of the construction world.

Winning “Best New Product” at the 2007 Remodeling Show and featured as “Editor’s Choice Award” for Tools of the Trade Magazine 2008, only exemplified it’s worth and function ability.

With the “recession years” behind us and the construction future brighter than ever, Skil/Bosch has introduced a new line of worm drive saws that are more powerful and light weight. With the new design a new prototype and product was required to install on the new saws.  As the original product  was already on the market, it was a matter of constructing the new prototype and reverse engineering for new mold injection to fit the new saws.

SJ2 Industries has now completed the new product and with its launch, we have re branded to “SawGuard Pro” for the older model saws (replacing Original 3rd Hand.357) and “SawGuard Pro II” to be installed on the newer light weight Skil/Bosch model worm drive saws.

“We have accomplished creating and marketing  our unique guard lift assist product for 7 worm drive style saws (though Craftsman 2761 has been discontinued)”.

SawGuard Pro and SawGuard Pro II adds less than 8 ounces to the weight of the saw and is Made in USA of quality durable products (see product specs). We offer our 30 day money back guarantee for any reason and are confident you will not be disappointed.